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Maryann (Mimi) McQueen
Born in Massachusetts
46 years
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jess missing you March 22, 2010
Hey auntiee, been thinking about you a lot the past week and a half. Was sitting in church yesterday for ur 6th anniversary with tt and was pissing our self laughing at the priest cuz we couldn't understand one word that was coming out of his mouth and felt like everyone was gonna turn into a zombie it was hilarious.. I was sitting there just thinking wat you would do if u were sitting with us.. I kept looking around seeing if u was gonna pop outta somewhere with ur huge smile and laugh with us.. I'm glad the memories I have of u are the ones where you have the biggest smile on ur face. Its wat helps me continue on, thinking of you and ur smile and laugh is the best way to remember you! I miss you so much .. I always thought it would get easier as time went on but I guess not, its still as hard as it was seeing you lay in that casket next to my gap sweater :) haha hope your keeping it clean for me so wen we meet again I can continue to wear it in every picture I take ! Hahaha I love and miss you auntieee so much. Continue watching over me pleaseeee, I really need you here! Love you like a mom always <3
Mary HI March 18, 2010
Six years today. I thought they were mistaken when they told me you were gone. My heart goes out to all of your family. How are Ma and Dad, John? Tell them I love them. You must be soo proud of Derek. I am. We've all grown up. But not apart. We talk on the computer when we can. You would've liked facebook. You could yell @ all of us together. I will write again soon. Give my love to my nephew Kevin.
Irene Friend March 18, 2010
My God bless you all, know that Mimi lives within all of you!  My heart goes out to all of you for your loss! One Day, you will meet again and the hurt and sorrow will turn to happiness and joy!  I will continue to pray for all of you! GOD, please guide this wonderful family!  XOXO
Maura mimi March 3, 2010
Mimi you are always in my thoughts and prayers. I do Love and miss you very much. You always made me smile, and laugh. Always yelling for Big Stevie. You are missed my so many. Love you
Jessica Lynn ilu January 19, 2010


It gets harder each day that passes by,
Knowing that you’re never coming back, but still i ask why.
It wasn't the right time, none of us saw it coming,
And what’s left now is unanswered questions and many of us wondering.
Why did god have to open heavens gates and pick u?
What did we do to deserve this, we had nothing but love for u.
God saw u was getting tired, and must have thought u couldn't go on,
But i think he was wrong cuz deep down i knew you were strong.
I looked up to u, like u was my own mother,
Ur one of my heroes.. Unlike any other.
There’s many things i didn't let u know,
I never got to tell u i loved u, and i feel i didn't let it show.
How stupid could i be to not show how i really felt,
I regret it till this day and i just seem to melt.
Walking out of that hospital the day before u went to sleep,
Thinking your still gonna call in the morning, and you’ll be always be ours to keep.
The next morning brought nothing but tears to my eyes,
The news was breath taking.. I did nothing but cry.
Why did i walk out of that hospital like nothing was wrong..
Knowing tomorrows not promised.. The next thing u know, your gone.
2 weeks straight, non-stop visits to go see you..
Watching u lay in that bed, i wished there was something i could do.
I wish i had powers that could just make u wake up,
Always thinking every time i went in that room you’ll look up.
But i guess my wishes were unable to go through..
And the next thing u know.. We was told there’s nothing they can do.
It was time for u to go.. As we gathered in the waiting room..
Taking turns to say our last goodbyes.. one of the hardest things i had to go through
Two by two.. it was finally my turn..
As I walked in with Kara, i felt nothing but a burn..
"I was her favorite god child!! " joking around..
And as we stood in your room, my smile turned into a frown..
Its time to go now.. Others are waiting to come..
And as i walked out of that room i wanted to do nothing but run..
As the priest came in to say a last prayer,
I sat at the side of your bed.. Wanting to be near..
As i gave you a kiss, i realized it was no longer my turn..
Walking out of that room.. There was a life lesson to learn..
Never take things for granted.. Always love life..
Life’s to short to have all these fights
Love the people who care for u.. And show it back..
Smile everyday even if its love that u lack..
Look on the bright side of things, and be glad of what u was given,
And always remember to just keep living.
Tell someone u love them each and everyday,
To let them know u care and in your heart is were they'll stay.
Live like today was going to be your last,
Don’t forget things in life, always cherish your past.
Each day i look back, remembering the times we shared,
And i realized all the love she had for me.. how much she truly cared.
I just can’t forget that day, i never said goodbye,
I’m left with that to regret as time goes by.
But i know u love me and always wanted the best,
And when god took u away, I realized it was your turn to rest.
As the days, go on.. I’ll remember your face,
And in my heart is were you’ll always be.. You’ll never be replaced.
I miss u more each day that goes by,
I know you’re in a much better place but still i cry.
Ur gone but not forgotten.. I just wish i could go and press rewind,
I love and miss you soo much auntie..
Ill see u when it’s my time.
Until then, continue to watch over me ever passing day,
And in my heart is were you’ll always stay!
I miss you soo much auntie Mimi, words can’t even describe the hurt i felt when i lost you.. each day i look at the door and think you’re gonna walk through like nothing even happened.. Knowing its not going to happen is what kills me the most.. i just wish i had another chance to actually tell u how much i loved you and how much i looked up to u, u was like my second mother and that’s how I’ll always consider u no matter what.. I love u and miss you soo much!!!
Rest in peace.. You’ll never be forgotten <33
12-12-57 *** 03-18-04


Jackie ily January 17, 2010

hey aunti mimi,

i just wanted to let you know that i love and miss you so much and i wish i could of spent more time with you. i enjoyed all the time that we spent together when me and monique would come to see you and the family! i want you to know that monique and i think of you often and we miss you dearly! we both love you very much! <3 xoxo

Momo sister January 17, 2010
I love and miss you so much its been five years not a day goes by i dont think of you i miss all the good times we had together i miss you and i love you until we meet again love ya
stacey mimi January 17, 2010
hey auntie mimi i jus wanted to say that i love and miss you very much; god took you away too soon...we will never forget about you ever and your memory will live on you 224
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